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What do you get out of being part of the GFF? Transcript

The Government Finance Function community is so important to me. I think it is so valuable and it helps me every single day. There are always people within your department who are in the Government Finance Function community who you can call upon even if you've never spoken to before, because you know they will share the same objectives and desire to achieve the best outcome possible. It also means that I have connections in different departments if I ever need to reach out to help support a piece of work or if I want their input on things, it, it's such a diverse community and we have so many different people with different ideas who help bring the best to public sector finance.

The GFF does loads to encourage engagement. They built a community across government, which brings people together, sharing knowledge and supporting each other. There are opportunities to help others as well as seek help for your own queries.

So the past few months I have been working on a number of really complex, novel technical issues and the GFF community has been invaluable in getting to the bottom of a number of them, sending out a random email to a colleague who might be doing the same thing. And sometimes, you know, you will get the right colleague the first time round, but other times it's just a case of using the entire network to ping pong across the community, find the right person and get, and then just get conversations going. So I will regularly have conversations with my peers in other government departments, just troubleshooting, sharing ideas, and making sure that we are doing things as consistently as possible, but also that we're supporting each other to work through some really knotty, complex issues.