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How does the GFF support you? Transcript

I feel so lucky to be a part of the Government Finance Function and they always support me in everything in which I do. I am studying to be a Chartered Accountant, which means lots of exams and lots of studying, and sometimes the content can get really difficult to manage and understand on my own. There are lots of Chartered Accountants in the Government Finance Function who I can call upon to ask for their support, to help them explain something to me, and I really don't think I could get through such a difficult educational period if I didn't have the great community to help me through and pull upon their knowledge.

It's a really good sort of resource. It brings all the sort of information together that you might need to be able to progress, whether that's sort of webinars and training about different tax things or just general finance across government. It also provides really good networking opportunities, being able to find a mentor and particularly women within the Government Finance Function. Sort of being able to reach out to people when you've got questions, supporting other people, when they have questions and so on.

So I will often make use of the career frameworks in terms of how I plan my career. I will look at where I am now, where I need to be, and the skills that I need to acquire in order to help me to get to where I need to be. So GFF in setting that up and standardising a lot of that has been really critical in helping me look at the entire picture and map out what my career looks like.